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Fix Your Kitchen Faucet Leak Before It Becomes a Problem

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Kitchen faucets receive a great deal of usage each day. While they are carefully constructed to provide you with a flawless service, eventually the moving parts will begin to wear out, rendering the faucet useless. To keep your kitchen faucet in good working order, take care of the various warning signs that indicate that the faucet is leaking. Here, are the most common kitchen faucet leaking issues and recommended methods to fix them as quickly as possible.

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Cracked Plunger: One of the easiest kitchen faucet leaks to fix is a cracked plumber. Most likely this will be caused by excessive pressure placed on the spout as you use the faucet. To fix this, simply lower the spout and clean off the dirt or debris using a wire brush. If you have access to the wall, remove the drip tray and use that to position the new plumber's tool.

Grease: If your kitchen faucet is showing signs of having grease buildup, replacing it with new parts may not be enough. In this case, we suggest using an assortment of kitchen cleaning products to grease up the parts that can become hidden. This simple procedure will ensure that you are able to replace the pieces on your own without calling a plumber.

Leaking Spout: Kitchen faucet leaks often appear after a long period of sitting. Once the faucet begins leaking, you should inspect the pipe work that connects to the spigot. If you find rust, signs of corrosion or damaged copper, it could be time to replace the entire spigot. Be sure to check all of the joints that connect the spigot to the rest of the pipe. Many times you will be able to find the problem easily without needing to remove any fixtures or wires.

Handle: One of the more common causes of kitchen faucet leaks is dirty handles. If your handles have built up grease over the years, they may be too difficult for you to clean with just water. In this case, we recommend using a plastic or rubber glove. This simple step will make it easier for you to remove the excess grease from the handle, allowing you to fix the leaking faucet in no time.

We hope this quick guide can help you to repair many faucet leaks on your own. Although many people choose to pay a plumber to fix a faucet leaking, it is typically cheaper to fix the problem on your own. Just remember that you should always follow safety precautions when working around any type of piping. Furthermore, if you are unable to fix the faucet leaking on your own, don't hesitate to call a professional immediately. The last thing you need is a permanent leak in your home!

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