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Plumbing Disaster, Plumbing Tape To The Rescue?

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A pipe has split and water is spraying everywhere.

You are running to the shut-off valve. Hopefully, you can contain the damage. You go grab your tools and look for where the source of the leak is. You can call the emergency plumber and have him come to you fast for a pretty penny or try to bandage it.

Plumbing Tape The Plumbing Band-Aid

plumbing tape

Plumbing tape comes in two varieties

  • Teflon Tape: This tape is effective, thin white tape used to seal pipe threads being joined for plumbing jobs. Used when there is not a rubber seal. This is a standard tool in every plumbers tool kit. This will make a permanent repair on leakes at fixtures.
  • Self Fusing Silicone Repair Tape: This tape is a temporary repair for split or cracked pipes. By wrapping around the pipe or joint the tape seals to itself and will adhere to wet pipes. This will give you time to get a plumber out to your house without incurring an emergency fee.

Emergency Mode

As a homeowner, one thing that can cause you to panic is leaking pipes, especially spraying pipes. You jump up and shut off the water to the house. That will solve the problem but will not fix the damage. But it may save you from an emergency plumbing call. If you can delay a few days, it could save you a lot of money.

Hopefully you have a plumbing emergency kit.

  • 12-inch Channel Locks
    • For everything from closing the shut-off valve to holding anything still.

  • Five-Gallon Bucket
    • Water damage is your foe. Have somewhere for it to drip.

  • Silicone Repair Tape
    • The band-aid of plumbing, it can stop many leaks but is temporary.

  • Plunger
    • For unclogging sinks to toilets, a must have.

  • Allen Keys
    • Used to tighten many types of connectors

  • Gloves
    • Do you want to put your hands in that stuff?

  • Flashlight
    • Nice to see under the sink

  • Teflon Tape
    • For putting on threaded connectors

While Plumbing tape (Teflon) can make a permanent repair, Self Fusing Silicone Repair Tape is not meant to last more than a few weeks.

So if you have a cracked or split pipe, call a plumber and have them come out and do a real repair. The crack or the split will just keep getting worse than time goes on and the next problem could be way more expensive.

Contact a Local Fresno Plumber

While you or a handyman can fix minor leaks like dripping faucets or loose connections, it is at your own risk. Remember, any job over $500 cannot be done without a licensed contractor. This protects you since licensed Plumbers have bonds and insurance. Never get a job done without a written estimate.

Handymen often take shortcuts such as chemical clog removal. This can cause major pipe damage. So look for a great local plumber, one that will assess the plumbing for free and have the proper equipment to fix your problems.

In the Fresno Area, All Clean Sewer & Plumbing is your Local Plumber of choice. Equipped to meet all Plumbing, Repairs, Replacements and Installations needs.

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Article by Kevin Johnston