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How to remove hair the right way from a drain or sink?

· Drain Cleaning

We'll show to the right way to clean out the hairs in the sink. Your cat will thank you.

Regardless of whether you utilize a hair plug stopper, enough hair could in the long run slip into your pipe to back it up every 30 days. To get your pipes flowing or streaming like again, either separate hair clusters enough that they'll go through the pipe or haul all the hair out of the pipe or sink physically.

On the off chance that your shower, tub, or washroom channels aren't depleting adequately, at that point hair is the most probable offender. The moment you notice moderate depleting, attempt one of the accompanying strategies. Odds are, you'll clear out the hair and take care of the difficult quick. Also, don't stress: we spread out the instruments you'll have to keep from really contacting the frightful stuff yourself.

curious cat sink hair

Baking Soda makes matter worst, avoid that at all costs.

Use a 2 ft long metal stick like this one:

(You can make one out of 99c metal hanger ;)

metal stick lower end

The other end is for you to hold, looks like this:

metal wire hangar uses

You hold the fatter top end:

hander holder

All you have to do is insert it in the sink and so its little deep in the pipe and then pull out the metal stick, the hair will come along, like this:

removing hair clogs

Move stick around while inserted in the sink:

remove hair clogs

The process is as simple as that.

You can make a longer metal stick out of bendable metal wire, the ones at 99c store hangar works wonder. Please note this is just advice if you get hair clogs often, some sinks/drains require hydro jetting. We offer that service, please reach to All Clean Sewer & Plumbing or call us (559) 470-5755